Genealogical Research

Whether you would like your family tree traced as far back as possible, or just require some assistance with research that you have already started, we can help. We offer a full and flexible family history service, conducting research, building family trees, and writing the story of your family within its social and historical context. We can start from scratch or build upon initial research that you have already undertaken. You can take advantage of one of our package offers or commission us for research by the hour or by the surname.  The discoveries about your ancestry will be written up as your family story and delivered in electronic format for you to build upon in the future should you wish. Images of census records and other documents discovered relating to your family’s history are also provided. You can also take advantage of our family storybook service, to create a beautiful, illustrated hardback keepsake that details your family’s history as fully as possible.

Family Histories

When we write your family history, we don’t just list names, dates and other factual information that has been discovered. We write a readable story, with a coherent structure, each section covering different branches of your family tree and placing your ancestors in their social and historical context. As far as possible, additional  information is uncovered in order to give depth to your family’s story. So for example, if we find a shoemaker in your family, your story will give its readers an indication of how a shoemaker might have lived or what wage he might have earned. We also place your family’s story against key historical events or issues so that a greater insight into their lives can be gleaned by all the family.

Family Storybooks

Your family history can be laid out in a professionally designed, hardbound book for easy reading – these storybooks make great gifts, look impressive on a coffee table, and ensure that the discoveries about your family roots are easily preserved and enjoyed by all. It’s easy to obtain more than one copy, and the book can be illustrated with family photographs, documents, certificates, census returns and much more.  It’s a fantastic way to really bring your family’s history to life. Click here for more information. 



If you have ever wanted to trace your family tree yourself but are just not sure how to get started or which websites and archives will assist you best, we can help. Our tutorials offer advice about where and how to start, top tips on maximising the records available online, how to make the most of birth, marriage and death certificates, and guidance on how to keep records and organise your discoveries effectively. Contact us to find out more.