Our Work

Every research request and every family tree is different; the amount of information with which we commence work also varies. Some branches lead to brick walls that resist being broken, while others can be traced back many generations with relative ease. Genealogical research is an unpredictable genre. Nonetheless, with each request, we dig as deep as possible. We know where to look and have extensive knowledge and experience solving family history questions.

Take a look at some of our successes, and read some of the family stories that we have recently uncovered.

The Baldwins and the Inches

The Chasteuneufs


“Wow, what you discovered was fascinating, so many of our family questions have been answered. Thank you.” J. Rodway, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you so much for all the research and writing that you did in relation to our family tree. My father absolutely loved the book that we gave him on his birthday.” B. Ansell, London, UK

“Thanks for your swift assistance, we’ve finally broken a brick wall that had been firmly in place for a while! Your research was invaluable.” Mr. Bethall, Bucks, UK