Some aristocracy at last!

My husband has always liked to tease me about my passion for genealogy and although indulging me with his attention from time to time has never really been remotely interested in my family history discoveries, not even about his own roots. So of course, it’s typical that it is in his family tree that I have first come across some real English nobility. One of his branches can be traced back to the Praters of Warwickshire, who held, among many other manors, Nunney Castle in Somerset during the 1500s and 1600s, until they lost it to the Roundheads during the Civil War. Cromwell’s forces blasted a hole in one of the walls and it was never lived in again.  Ok, there are fifteen geneFamily historyrations between my husband and Richard Prater Esquire, but nonetheless, there’s a castle in the family.

Of course, once you come across one noble family suddenly they’re everywhere, as they all intermarried. Being desceneded, however remotely, from the Praters means that other powerful medieval and tudor families feature in my husband’s tree: the Carews, the de la Mares, the Conweys, the Throckmortons. Distant ancestors have served at the courts of Henry VIII and Edward III, and even played host for the night to King Charles I before he lost his head. Suddenly my husband, born and bred in New Zealand, is more English than I am…

Think you might have some aristocratic blood in your family tree? There are a number of useful websites for tracing your noble roots. Try or the Tudor Roll of Blood Royal & Plantagenet Roll of Blood Royal on for starters.


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